Experience European-quality beauty innovations with SCIMED. Our expert team combines science and nature to craft premium cosmetics and skincare solutions. Committed to excellence, we continuously research and develop products using the finest natural ingredients that meet strict European standards. With a diverse range tailored to your needs and our unique patented technology, elevate your beauty routine with us.





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with its effective, natural formula, is an ideal partner in the fight against hair loss. Its formula is designed by using scientific bases and advanced engineering techniques to meet the needs of the scalp and promote hair health, including providing essential vitamins and nutritional supplements.

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Hair reapir serum

It plays a major role in reducing hair loss, stimulating and accelerating hair growth.

Extracted from the saw palmetto plant, it is proven effective in treating baldness problems and strengthening hair strands.

Saw Palmetto

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The Magic
Plant stem cells

Extracted from domesticated green apples, which are considered a wealth of nature. The secret of its success is due to its ability to renew hair cells and maintain its youth.

Clinical collection

It improves hair growth, gives it the necessary nutrition, and slows down the hair loss process.

Green tea extract concentrate

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